Daily Maintenance Of Hives
In the world of unhygienic, lack of nutritional food, lack of natural unprocessed resources people are suffering from obesity,diabetes,heart disease , weakness ,coronary malfunction even cancer in the very young age.

People are unaware of good foods which contains flavonoids, antioxidant, minerals within it.

Honey is the best source of all those things, but’ many branded renowned company provides honey(made with syrup,artificial flavors,colors & preservatives) in a cheap price , quality is also cheap’. Then don’t even care about the people , they just earn with advertising worldwide.
We ,at Nectar Cart, knows analyse the problem and started this platform to connect the bridge between Nutritious Honey and the common people those who are wanting to stay fit always. We have government registered beekeeper with experience of more than 20 years. We are Khadi & Village Industries Commission Certified (Ministry Of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government Of India).They actually know the process to provide you the best honey direct from beehive to your bottles.
We are providing 3 flora variations:
1.Multi Flora Honey
2.Wild Sundarban Honey
3.Litchi Flora Honey

Our Honey is 100% Raw,  Unprocessed, Genuine, Natural and full of  nutrients, antioxidant, minerals, flavonoids, calcium, potassium, Vit-B complex, Vit-C, Vit-E (depends on Flora to Flora) .Daily 2 tbsp of honey in the morning and night can fight against “asthma, cough-cold, seasonal change diseases, maintain good cholesterol, strengthen heart muscle, maintain heart functioning properly, build cardiac muscle, prevent coronary risk, give protection to brain, fat burning & even cancer

We are FSSAI approved and we provide honey all over India with minimum delivery cost.
**We also provide Honeybee,Beeboxes & training of Apiculture to make people self-dependent.We are ready to empowering the villagers to sell their honey & All these are nothing without you.**
NectarCart is the brand name of our company named “Bera Honey Products”. It is in Egra,East Medinipur. From here we collect Raw,Unprocessed honey for you. Also our sundarban honey is collected by our members from different part of Sundarban. We communicate with them to collected the purest wild  raw Sundarban honey for you.

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