About Unprocessed Raw Honey

“Did you know that the taste ,texture,flavour of the raw honey depends on various flowers depending on different geographical location and different blossom season?”So how it possible when you generally buy honey from different well known brand of India,making same coloured ,same flavoured honey through out the year? You decide. If those honey are something artificially made so that it maintains uniqueness?

The answer is YES.The well known big brand honey you generally buy from shop or local store are basically processed,optimum filtered to maintain unique taste, colour & texture. And you know, those honey has less nutritional benefits compare to Raw Unprocessed Honey because the processing destroys all nutrients, vitamins, minerals.

As per “Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Government Of India” if honey is heated over 67 °C the nutrients, beneficial enzymes  inside honey get destroyed and you get nothing health benefits from that honey, only made it sugar syrup. Also optimum filtration remove all pollen from the honey, without which honey losses texture, taste and flavour.

Pure , Raw honey, is extracted direct from beehives and then filtered the particles with strainer to strain the unwanted wax,foreign particles, then packes in bottles without any processing so that beneficial enzymes & pollen stay intact.

Only Unprocessed Raw honey has all the nutritional benefits.Daily intake of 2 teaspoon raw honey will keep you active, energetic and keeps all disease away. Switch to raw honey today and add more nutrition in your daily life. NectarCart provides you the fresh-raw honey direct from honeycomb to your bottle. As we don’t process our honey, all the beneficial enzymes , antioxidants vitamines flavonoids retains the same. Bring our honey to your home and feel the difference.