Multifloral Honey

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Pure & Raw Multiflora Honey Direct from Bee-Keepers

  1. 100% Raw, Natural, Premium Quality Multiflora
  2. It’s mild in flavour and delicious in taste
  3. Multiflora honey is full of antioxidants, flavonoids and nutrients
  4. No Added Preservatives, Sugars, Artificial Flavours
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What is Multiflora Honey?

Multifloral means multiple flowers’ nectar. It is also known as “multi flower honey”. Indian bees that are Apic Cerena Indica can wander about 5km radius from its home. Honey bees collect nectar from different flowers from that area irrespective of flowers. That means it has either blended or mixed up by the bees. That’s how beekeepers get the raw multiflora honey from beehives.

As per our location of bee farming, we collect raw multiflora honey from the southern part of West Bengal. Collecting season of Raw Multiflora honey is between February to May that is the blossom season.

Flowers like Mango, berries, jackfruits, mustard, eucalyptus, sunflower etc, are the main resource of the raw multifloral honey. Our pure multiflora honey is smooth and mild in flavour and delicious in taste. Multiflora honey is full of antioxidants, flavonoids and nutrients like Vitamin B and Vitamin C depending on different vegetation.

Multifloral Honey Benefits:

· Multiflora honey is Rich Source of antioxidants.
· Consumption of Multiflora Honey can boost up your digestion power
· Consumption of this honey properly can stimulate the fat burning
· It has Anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal property.
· Multiflora honey is a source of flavonoids which reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma.
· It heals a sore throat, common cough & common cold.
· Topical application of Multiflora honey helps in skin acne, dandruff as well.

Packaging of Honey:

We at nectarcart, collect the honey and package them in PET bottle, seal their opening for extra protection and wrap them. Our Multiflora honey is ready to ship at your doorstep in any part of India. We also sell Sundarban Honey, Litchi Honey etc.

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3 reviews for Multifloral Honey

  1. Subhajit Maity (verified owner)

    Wild in flavour and good in taste. Reviewing after using the honey for 2 months. It’s great… I will surely buy other after finishing this.

  2. Souradip Ganguly

    Multifloral Honey is really very good in taste, I personally prefer this product and it is purely raw. I really recommend this product to everybody and I’m sure all you get benefit from this Honey.

  3. Souvik Pal

    This is one of the best honey available, just take one spoon in your mouth and you can actually feel the difference in terms of purity, taste and natural flavour compared all other established brands which are selling sugar liquid in the name of honey.
    Try it once and you won’t regret it

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