Wild Sundarban Honey

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100% Raw, Natural, Premium Quality Wild Honey

  1. This honey is dark yellow in colour & great in taste and with many medicinal values.
  2. This Honey reduces risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, stroke & plays a major role to protect the brain
  3. This honey is a perfect alternative of white sugar
  4. No Added Preservatives, Sugars, Artificial Flavours
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Buy 3 Bottles Of Wild Sundarban Honey and Get Rs: 75 Off.

Sundarban Honey for Sale


NectarCart, a new online startup availing original sundarban honey for sale. The Sundarban honey price is kept as reasonable as possible so that everyone can taste the pure and original quality.  

About Sundarban:

The Sundarbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. The forest covers 10,000 square km of which about 4,000 square km is in India. This forest situated in the southern part of West Bengal State, India, within North 24 Parganas & South 24Parganas. The Sundarbans was declared by UNESCO as world heritage on 21 May 1997.

Most of the Sundarban Forest is on water bodies like river, canals and creeks.

There are different kinds of bees in the Sundarbans and among them, Apis dorsata type of bee comparatively makes more hives and honey. Most of our pure honey is served by them.

It is said that the honey collected from these hives are the best honey of the Sundarbans. This honey has dark red in colour and wild in taste with great medicinal values. The bees collect this honey from the flower of Khalisa, gewa, bain trees. According to the forest-dependent people, a bee circumambulates 80 flowers to collect just a single drop of original sundarban honey. There various flowers in Sundarban from where bee collects honey-like Khalisa, bain, gewa, kewra etc.

How People Collect Original Sundarban Honey?

In Sundarban, a group of people namely Mawoli traditionally depends on the forest honey and wax which are collected from the Sundarbans mangrove forest for their livelihood. Mainly honey collection starts from April and during this season, every forest-dependent community collects a single pass for honey collection & pass for a boat to enter into the Sundarbans with a small group with the permission of forest department. 

Each of the group collects honey from the Sundarbans in a specific time and specific parts of the forest under the local administration. They use smokers to drive away from the bees and then they collect honey from the forest. After collection, the honey is submitted to the Mahajan (money lenders), local open market or sold at cheap price. Thus Mawolis sell their honey collection& it is a traditional way to repay their expenditure for this entire process.

Generally, the season of Sundarbans honey starts from March to May. Mainly the Khalisa honey is found much in this time. After Khalisa, follows GewaBainKewra honey.

In a beehive, there is 1 queen bee, surrounded by drones. The labour bees go out in search of honey. They go into a group and collect honey. In their return journey, many bees died due to stress and load. Those loaded bees are heavy and Mawolis follow the loaded bees to reach out to the Beehive. Thus they collect honey.

How Nectarcart collects Honey from them?

Nectarcart has its bee farm run by beekeeper Rakhal Bera. He has more than 20 years of experience and is a trained beekeeper from KVIC (Khadi & Village Industries Commission). He collects Pure, genuine, raw Sundarban forest honey from the group of people under KVIC. So it is genuine Sundarbans honey beside nectarcart’s multifloral honey

Nectarcart collects the honey, package them in PET bottle, seal their opening for extra protection and BOOM! Sundarban honey is ready for online shopping in Kolkata or any part of India.

Benefits Of Sundarban Forest Honey

  • Sundarban honey is Rich Source of antioxidants.
  • Consumption of this honey properly can stimulate the fat burning
  • It has Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal property.
  • Sundarban honey is a source of flavonoids which reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma.
  • It heals a sore throat, common cough & common cold.
  • Topical application of Sundarban honey helps in skin acne, dandruff as well. 



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4 reviews for Wild Sundarban Honey

  1. Rajesh Giri

    Being fully satisfied consuming a bottle of multi-flora honey I ordered another bottle of sundarban honey and it’s amazing…what I find out immediately after opening the bottle is its texture and wild aroma… it’s taste is also wild… And no doubt it’s pure in nature… I suggest everyone to just give it a first time try.

    • Admin@nectarcart

      Thank you for your review.

  2. RIJOY MAITY (verified owner)

    It is a good product that contains the appropriate amount of vitamins mentioned in it. I’m a constipation patient. It has benefitted from eating one tablespoon of boiling hot water every night since eating it. And this is a product without adulthood. I think everyone will benefit from this product without adulteration. Once I believe this product will want again.

    • Admin@nectarcart

      Thank you so much.It will definitely work for your health Keep Shopping with us.Stay healthy Stay fit.


    I want to buy this product. Currently, it shows out of stock. please tell me when it is available. eager to buy and try this product. quite excited about this product.

    • Admin@nectarcart

      Thank you Sir for your interest. We are facing problem of delivery, because of lockdown. So we have to make it out of stock. We will notify you whenever we start working.

  4. Souvik Pal

    So, after receiving the product and opening it, it found extremely tiny grains in the honey.

    I tasted a spoon of honey and felt it in my mouth as well. I was unsure about what it was as I never had found this in other commercial honey that I had purchased previously.

    After a little research, I found that pure honey (which is sugar from flowers) will crystalize depending on the ratio of fructose and glucose and temperature of the surrounding.

    Honey bees gather honey from flowers from their surroundings and depending on the season and flower type, the ratio of sugar content (glucose and fructose) will change.

    This sugar content ratio will decide how quickly the sugar will crystalize. The sugar gets separated from the water in the honey and thus honey crystals are formed. So I am guessing the honey I received has the sugar ratio which makes it crystalize faster.

    It was winter when I bought the honey. Now, the temperatures have started to change and are tilting towards summer and the honey that had crystallized has now become liquid again.

    I waited until now to write the review so that I can check the quality of the honey and genuineness of it so that it will truly help customers find the correct product.

    Hope it was worth the wait and helped fellow customers!

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